Dominic Hooko

Dominic was born in the year that Ghana gained independence. He is one of eight children who made his own entertainment by recycling everyday objects into toys and he vividly recounts his days of scorpion racing! He first came to the UK to study for his Masters degree in Aberdeen in 1986 and arrived in Hull on the day after 9/11 in 2001. Dominic’s charity work with the Avenue Bicycle Project may be familiar to some as they have shipped over 1,500 bikes to Ghana and more recently nearly 500 more to Sierra Leone in response the social and medical needs created by the Ebola crisis.

Media No: 1159
Interviewee Forename: Dominic
Interviewee Surname: Hooko
Year of Birth 1957
Interviewer: Jerome Whittingham
Producer: Gifty Burrows
Location: Unknown
Date of Interview: November 2016
Duration (HH:MM:SS): 00:30:51

This interview was recorded as part of the ‘African Stories – Contemporary Voices’ project. You can read a full transcript of this interview over on the African Stories website by clicking here.