Carole Myers

Carole reminisces about early life in St Stephen’s Square, childhood games and adventures. Growing up, courtship, marriage and married life feature, as does going to the pictures in Hull. Carole describes working and her social life. She recalls moving to North Hull Estate and about her life now with her friends.


Media No: 1008
Interviewee Forename: Carole
Interviewee Surname: Myers
Year of Birth 1944
Interviewer: Dan Dearing / Rachel Harris
Location: Unity in Community, Endike Lane, Hull
Date of Interview: 10/03/2016
Duration (HH:MM:SS): 00:47:21


Time Code Notes

[00:00:30] Memories of living in St. Stephen’s Square, Hull. She was there for 13 years and was one of three children.

[00:01:27] Corporation Field – market in the shed, getting into trouble for going without permission.

[00:02:27] Playing Knock Off Ginger, swings round the lampposts, taking bottles back to raise money to go to the swimming baths. Alexandra Street – hiring bikes.

[00:03:35] Description of St Stephen’s Square, Providence Club, St Stephen’s Church.

[00:05:24] Corporation Field – used for police training, Guard’s Parade and by courting couples.

[00:06:05] Playing, skipping, marbles, whip and top.

[00:07:12] Sex education – formal and informal. What other children said. Fifth Avenue School – lessons about it – told the ‘gist of it’. Talks of false knowledge about sex.

[00:08:45] Meeting her husband, expansion of family from marriage in 1964. Courtship, Bird’s Eye nights out – Scotland, Spain.

[00:18:58] Going to the pictures – ‘Lonnie’, West Parade, cost 9d, ‘Prinny Hall’, George Street – a flea pit, only 7d. Money from parents 9d and money for fish and chips on the way home. Worked at ‘Tower’ for a while, describes the behaviour of people.

[00:22:30] Work – Hull Brewery process, had to wear clogs, dray horses. Worked at Burd’s Eye for twelve years, earned less than her husband who was also at Bird’s Eye. Belonged to the social club.

[00:31:35] Describing childhood home – outside toilet, outside tap.

[00:34:26] First moving to North Hull memories. 19th Avenue then 6th Avenue. Inside bathroom, sharing a bedroom and a bed with sisters. Garden for the first time to play in, to hang washing, to grow flowers, rhubarb. Playing double ball, skipping, got Dandy and Beano every week.

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