Dennis & Sylvia Davey

Dennis describes how he and his wife Sylvia met, courting, their first kiss, their wedding day and later their married life in the 1950s. He talks about his childhood in the 1930s and his parents deaths when he was a young teengager and how that affected him. His wife, Sylvia, joins in and they together talk about some of their early homes and about getting older together.

In her interview, Sylvia talks about working in an ice cream factory in the 1950s, her recollections of meeting and marrying Dennis and also briefly mentions simple family holidays.




Media No: 1016 & 1017
Interviewee Forename: Dennis / Sylvia
Interviewee Surname: Davey
Year of Birth 1930 / 1934
Interviewer: Rupert Creed
Location: Ada Homes, Greenwood Avenue, Hull
Date of Interview: 10/03/2016
Duration (HH:MM:SS): 00:26:46 / 00:09:02


Time Code Notes

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