Peter Alton Green

copyright Peter Alton Green

The fourteenth #MuralMemories recording with #UntoldHull and @shipsinthesky63 comes from musician Peter Alton Green. After school in Scarborough and living in Bridlington, Peter moved back to Hull in 1962, and remembers the former Hull Co-op building being constructed. As he played guitar, he was excited to hear about the Skyline Ballroom and hoped to be able to make extra money playing in bands there. He was impressed by the huge dome on the building, and was amazed to hear that there was at the time only one other dome like it in the world, in the Kremlin in Moscow. From the windows at night school, Peter watched the dome being built and he said the construction took ages. When the ballroom finally opened Peter remembers how, when enough people where on the dance floor, “people would fall over because they hadn’t got the tension right.” Peter went on to tell us about the original resident band ‘The Skyliners’.

Media No:SitS23
Interviewee Forename:Peter
Interviewee Surname:Alton Green
Year of Birth
Interviewer:Dan Dearing
Location:Hull Central Library, Albion Street, Hull
Date of Interview:26/11/2018
Duration (HH:MM:SS):01:14:34


The transcription for this recording will be available soon.