Kristian Giblin

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The thirteenth #MuralMemories recording with #UntoldHull and @shipsinthesky63 comes from Kristian Giblin. He told us about his weekly visit’s to Juliet’s when it was a rave club, and explained how Romeo’s was where, “people drank beer, and they played chart hits…Kylie Minogue that kind of thing.” Kristian told us that on one night when he and his friends were dancing and enjoying themselves, all of a sudden hundreds of police officers burst into the club. A police officer went straight to the DJ booth and told the crowd over the microphone, “this is a police raid, please remain calm, please remain seated”. Kristian said that during this period Juliet’s was notorious for drugs. On the night of the raid everyone, including Kristian, threw their drugs on the floor and, “it was literally a carpet of drugs”. Kristian explained how the police put desks on the ground floor and that there was a queue of club-goers all the way from the third floor, where Juliet’s was, to the ground floor. Everyone got searched once they arrived at the police desk, but arrests were minimal due to people throwing their drugs onto the club floor. Unfortunately the police drugs raid led to the club being closed down a week later. Kristian remembered how a few weeks before the raid a couple of middle aged ladies were in the club asking people if they could, “get any ‘stuff’ ” — nobody used the word ‘stuff’ so clubbers where suspicious that the women were undercover officers. “In Juliet’s the music was underground rave music and it was really hot and sweaty in there” described Kristian, going on to say that the music was played by DJ Philip Hailstone, and DJ Fast T [Tim Yeomans]. Kristian’s nights out at Juliet’s would start in a nearby pub, “we’d all sort of meet up in a pub; we’d possibly take our drugs in the pub, it was ecstasy and amphetamine.” Drugs were taken beforehand to enable them to kick in later in the night at Juliet’s. Kristian described what he wore to the club in 1991 — T-shirt, jeans, trainers — as being appropriate to how hot the club got, “even the ceiling would sweat…moisture, you’d feel it dripping from the ceiling…It got so hot and people were dancing so furiously in such a small space to loud music…it was dark, intense, strobe lighting…hardcore, to use terminology from those days.”

Media No:SitS11
Interviewee Forename:Kristian
Interviewee Surname:Giblin
Year of Birth
Interviewer:Jessica Leathley
Location:Avenues Library, Chanterlands Avenue, Hull
Date of Interview:15/06/2019
Duration (HH:MM:SS):00:08:50


The transcription for this recording will be available soon.