For The Record – The KCFM Collection

KCFM is a radio station that broadcasts to Hull and East Yorkshire on 99.8 FM. We wanted to create an audio collection of your memories of growing up, first jobs, childhood memories, family stories handed down through the generations and much more. We had a fantastic response from all ages, with so many getting in touch to record their stories. We then played out the audio on the radio for all to enjoy.

Thanks to Hull Libraries, it’s all been archived here for you to listen to, learn from and most importantly, enjoy!”

The copyright for recordings in this collection is retained by KCFM.

Lynda Hill

Margaret Hodgetts


Marge Oaten

Michael & Joan Jenkinson

Mike Covell

Neil Till

Nigel Watson

Paul Schofield

Phil Grieb

Roy Collinson

Ruth Skinner


Shirley Poynter

Stuart Spandler

Tina Jackson

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