Jean Hart

In the first part of the interview Jean talks about her early memories of living on Garden Village as part a ‘Reckitt’s family’ and the expectation that she would go on to work there, which she did for a while. She then explores the different educational and career pathways that she and her siblings took. She also spends some time reflecting on independence and the influence that being one half of a ‘twin’ has had on her life.

In the second part Jean talks about her working life in the careers service and shares some anecdotes from the interviews with various young people she met along the way. She also discusses the Bransholme and North Hull Estate areas of the city. Finally in the last part of the interview Jean talks about her experiences of being a foster carer and her experiences with some of the young people she took in.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


Media No: 1134
Interviewee Forename: Jean
Interviewee Surname: Hart
Year of Birth 1950
Interviewer: Dan Dearing
Location: Hull Central Library
Date of Interview: 7/8/17, 21/9/19 & 13/11/17
Duration (HH:MM:SS): 01:02:29, 01:35:23 & 39:26