Dennis Woods

Dennis recalls his life on North Hull estate, growing up and the games he would play as a child. He talks about his family and his father who was a docker. He also discusses his work history and the various jobs he has done over the years. He finishes by talking about the social groups and community work he is currently involved with and his views on Hull and its people.

Media No: 1003
Interviewee Forename: Dennis
Interviewee Surname: Woods
Year of Birth 1948
Interviewer: Dan Dearing
Location: Unity In Community, Endike Lane
Date of Interview: 03/03/2016
Duration (HH:MM:SS): 00:13:22


Time Code Notes

[00:00:00] Being born into lively family on North Hull – youngest of 5. Home had inside bathroom and 2 bedrooms, was fairly new at this time. Talks about growing up with brothers & sisters, sharing a bedroom with siblings. Mum didn’t work, brought family up.

[00:02:00] Memories of father – hard working, was a drinker (in town centre). Was a docker – early mornings, late nights children in the street used to make snowballs to throw at dads, returning home from work – dads joined in. Keen gardener in the summer – grew vegetables and Dahlias. Was in bed by 10:30pm and then up at 5am.

[00:03:40] Childhood games played with friends in the street and areas used -. 30th Ave, ‘The Decontam’ from Civil Defence during the war – children played on there and ‘had adventures’. York Road fields (now Orchard Park). Fish, games, Middledyke Lane, ‘3 Cornered Wood’. Talks about having respect for elders.

[00:07:30] Cottingham – railway station, steam trains. Park had water fountains.

[00:10:40] Work at Market Garden – 2yrs.

[00:08:08] Schools – 5th Avenue Infants/ Green Huts (Boys)/ Endike (Boys) fond memories. Not great academic but learned a lot about life.

[00:09:08] Various work – men’s outfitters on Holderness road, ‘Mason’s’ – ‘for every lad and his dad’. Hull & Humber Cargo(?)  in handling (stores) kit for the ships – then 7yrs on the docks as a ‘Tallyman’ keeping records of cargo.

[00:12:43] Involvement in community groups like ‘Looking good, feeling good’ and ‘Unity in Community’, Hull Northern social club 3 nights per week. Gives positive view on people of Hull.

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