Ships in the Sky Medley

Credits L to R clockwise: Baby Knitting Pattern © Unknown; Bailey’s Membership Card © Unknown; Hull Co-op Building 5 Dec 2007 © David Wright; Chicken in a Basket © Unknown; Phil Dawes and Barbara Ford Ballroom dancing in the Skyline Ballroom © Angie Stead; Fish Mural © Ships in the Sky; Ellerman Wilson Line flags © Unknown; Hull BHS c.1980s © Unknown; Hull Co-op Society Milk Token © Unknown; Honda Prelude © Unknown; Hull BHS c.1970s © Unknown; Ice-cream © Unknown; Romeo’s & Juliet’s mug © Sean Bull; 1960s football © Unknown

The final #MuralMemories release with #UntoldHull and @shipsinthesky63 is a medley of short recordings, each celebrating a special occasion or recollection of the Hull Cooperative building and the Alan Boyson mosaics. Sarah Mole and Peter Draper share childhood memories of the Three Ships mural; Tony Benson remembers playing next to the Fish mural while his grandmother was working as a Coop Lift Attendant; Denise Gibson recalls working at her sister in law’s baby clothes stall in the indoor market; Sue Clark attended a Christmas Dance in the Skyline Ballroom during the 1960s; Sheila Walker held her spinster party and John Bark remembers eating chicken and chips in a basket at Bailey’s in the 1970s; and Catherine Foster talks about ‘plucking and stuffing’ parties at Romeo’s and Juliet’s during the 1980s.

Sarah Mole recalls driving past the Three Ships mural as a child.
Peter Draper remembers walking past the eye catching Three Ships in the 1960s.
Tony Benson’s grandmother worked as a lift attendant at the Coop. He was left in her care while his mother shopped at the weekend and would play next to the Fish mural.
Denise Gibson sometimes worked at her sister in law’s stall in the market inside the Coop building.
Sue Clark attended he Ellerman’s Wilson Line Christmas Dance at the Skyline Ballroom. She had to take lessons beforehand to learn to waltz. She also recalls the Coop hat department and the amazing vanilla ice cream.
Sheila Walker held her spinster party at Bailey’s in 1972. She remembers her blue flowery midi dress with leg of mutton sleeves, the music and the stairs!
John Bark recalls eating chicken and chips in a basket at Bailey’s in the early 1970s. He saw The Peddlers there, a one hit wonder band.
Catherine Foster shares her sister’s tale of ‘plucking and stuffing’ parties at Romeo’s and Juliet’s. She had her own memorable nights out there as well.