‘Patsy’ tells as some tales from the war including being let into a posh house by a butler during an air raid and the family member who was more concerned with losing his shoes than being blown across the street


Patsy talks about the good and times and the bad times, going out dancing and falling for her husband despite his ‘boring’ darts habit, and then later on as carer for invalid relatives


Patsy starts off by telling us about how safe she felt as a teenager walking round the city, before digressing to her good relationship with the refugees down her street and her opinion of the ‘stupid’ new buildings in the city centre


Patsy tells us about working as a photographer and the difficulty of trying to capture drunken trawlermen. She tells us about the time her and her husband were snowed in in rural Lincolnshire and down to their ‘last cream cracker’, before explaining how much she misses him and his corny jokes