Mark Brady

Mark tells us about his visits to the under18s nights at Romeo’s & Juliet’s nightclub in 1988 . It was £2.50 to get into the club in the 1980s, but a bargain £1.50 if you had a club SomeLikeitHot card. There were two clubs inside — Romeo’s playing pop and chart music , and Juliet’s playing more alternative music with acidhouse and later techno dominating 1988 and beyond. Mark also tells us how he grew a moustache to look older, and even added a wee bit of eyeliner to make it look denser — all a ploy so that he could sneak into the over18s nights. 

Media No:SitS19
Interviewee Forename:Mark
Interviewee Surname:Brady
Year of Birth
Interviewer:Tom Hopper
Location:Western Library, Boulevard, Hull
Date of Interview:25/04/2019
Duration (HH:MM:SS):00:26:59


The transcription for this recording will be available soon.