David Treacher

The tenth #MuralMemories recording with #UntoldHull and @shipsinthesky63 comes from David Treacher who shared his memories of shopping at the Co-operative and how the divvy was a lifeline for many folk. A favourite dinner of David’s was having Meat Pie and Chips in the Skyline Ballroom dining room every Monday and Wednesday. David also recalled the period in which Co-op had financial difficulties and had to close the store. The building was sold to a Prudential insurance company with terms that included a peppercorn rent after 14 years. David describes the short period of time when BHS was open in the front section of the building underneath the Three Ships mural, with a small part of the former Co-op remaining open in the back of the building. He noted how the Co-op paid their staff fairly and did not ‘skimp’ on costs, and how many longstanding staff eventually lost their jobs when the Co-op completely shut down. Things he bought in the store included ‘an Alba TV’ that lasted years, a transistor radio, and his father used the store opticians and went to the Co-op dentist on King Edward Street. David’s parents were both Co-op members, and when they married, his father gave his mother some of his Co-op shares. His father felt the Co-op was ‘a Socialist shop, a Labour shop’, and strongly believed in these principles. For these reasons, his parents were faithful shoppers in the store until the central premises closed down, and they were both members of the Co-op until they died. David also believes in these principles which has led him to be a union representative. David talks about the potential future use of the building with a mix of retail, entertainment facilities and housing, and remarked how the Three Ships mural brings back memories for him and his time shopping in the store. He hopes the mural can remain for everyone to see and as a marker of Hull’s unique heritage.

Media No:SitS14
Interviewee Forename:David
Interviewee Surname:Treacher
Year of Birth
Interviewer:Tom Hopper
Location:Western Library, Boulevard, Hull
Date of Interview:18/04/2019
Duration (HH:MM:SS):00:15:23


The transcription for this recording will be available soon.