Mary Cooper

At the age of five years old, Mary was transported alone across the seas from St Lucia to Southampton into the arms of her family who she had been separated from at age three months. She talks about her passion for learning, her strict Afro-Caribbean Catholic upbringing and the sense of isolation from her wider family. She reveals how her experiences have led her to become a different person.

Media No: 1171
Interviewee Forename: Mary
Interviewee Surname: Cooper
Year of Birth 1958
Interviewer: Jerome Whittingham
Producer: Gifty Burrows
Location: Unknown
Date of Interview: 27/09/2016
Duration (HH:MM:SS): 00:33:23

This interview was recorded as part of the ‘African Stories – Contemporary Voices’ project. You can read a full transcript of this interview over on the African Stories website by clicking here.