Liz Cagney

Liz was brought up in Birmingham and is of mixed Barbadian and English heritage. She describes her upbringing as that of contrasts where home had an absence of the Barbadian culture that she often glimpsed on visits to her extended family. She talks about why she makes the effort to remind her children of their ethnic connections especially as she feels that outwardly those connections may not be so apparent. She’s observes how her colour has led to the misidentification of her country of origin in this country and abroad.

Media No: 1170
Interviewee Forename: Liz
Interviewee Surname: Cagney
Year of Birth Unknown
Interviewer: Jerome Whittingham
Producer: Gifty Burrows
Location: Unknown
Date of Interview: 11/10/2016
Duration (HH:MM:SS): 00:25:30

This interview was recorded as part of the ‘African Stories – Contemporary Voices’ project. You can read a full transcript of this interview over on the African Stories website by clicking here.