Ysabelle Wombwell

Ysabelle is of Jamaican, Cuban and Scottish ancestry. She talks about how distant her connection with Jamaica sometimes feels as it is several generations removed and she has not visited there very often. Despite this she ponders on how easy and comfortable it is for her and her siblings to slip into behaviour that echoes the characteristics of her mother and her grandmother. She remembers coming to Hull from London in 2007 to study and staying on through her interest in music.

Media No: 1163
Interviewee Forename: Ysabelle
Interviewee Surname: Wombwell
Year of Birth Unknown
Interviewer: Jerome Whittingham
Producer: Gifty Burrows
Location: Unknown
Date of Interview: 20/10/2016
Duration (HH:MM:SS): 00:22:33

This interview was recorded as part of the ‘African Stories – Contemporary Voices’ project. You can read a full transcript of this interview over on the African Stories website by clicking here.