Bacary Bax & Live Lans

Bax and Lans are best known in Hull as two members of the band Bud Sugar. The brothers have roots in two African nations: Senegal and Sierra Leone. They both describe with affection the determination of their unorthodox English mother who took them on twice yearly visits to Africa so that they could connect with aspects of their culture and heritage. Bax and Lans talk about the importance of these early experiences and how it taught them that you can be happy without material wealth and that music can be deeper than just the tune.

Media No: 1155
Interviewee Forename: Bax and Lans
Interviewee Surname:
Year of Birth Unknown
Interviewer: Jerome Whittingham
Producer: Gifty Burrows
Location: Unknown
Date of Interview: 12/07/2016
Duration (HH:MM:SS): 00:28:33

This interview was recorded as part of the ‘African Stories – Contemporary Voices’ project. You can read a full transcript of this interview over on the African Stories website by clicking here.