Jessica Leathley

Part 1: Jessica grew up in southern England and was a talented musician. She talks about her home, playing music and going to Hull University. She recalls how she met her husband and became a librarian. She talks about the difficulties of being a working mother in the 1990s and also about looking after twins.


In this three part interview Jessica shares memories of first coming to Hull as a student in the 1980s, eventually settling in the city and starting a family. She also talks in some depth about working for Hull Library Service and her role as the Untold Hull project manager.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Media No: 1066
Interviewee Forename: Jessica
Interviewee Surname: Leathley
Year of Birth 1966
Interviewer: Dan Dearing
Location: Hull Central Library
Date of Interview: 4/8/2016 – Part 1, 9/8/2016 – Part 2, 18/8/2016 – Part 3
Duration (HH:MM:SS): 00:28:35 – Part 1, 00:59:12 – Part 2, 01:22:07 – Part 3