Sam Foston

Sam was born in Hull and has lived in Hull all his life. Sam talks about his school years from 2007 to 2012 at Sir Henry Cooper Secondary School. He describes the harsh reality of life as a schoolboy where fighting and bullying seem to be commonplace. Sam is an outsider who has triumphed with some good examination results and a love of music and art.

Media No: 1050
Interviewee Forename: Sam
Interviewee Surname: Foston
Year of Birth 1997
Interviewer: Rachel Harris
Location: Greenwood Avenue Library
Date of Interview: 01/02/2016
Duration (HH:MM:SS): 00:23:35

Time Code Notes

[00:00:00] 2007 – 2012 Sir Henry Cooper School, Orchard Park. Sam was in the last year there before it was knocked down. Newland High School for Girls moved in before that as their property was being renovated.

[00:00:51] Sir henry Cooper was the worst school in Hull. Sam’s history teacher had travelled to India and Brazil. He would throw markers at those who didn’t listen. Sam’s chair collapsed and broke in his lesson.

[00:02:29]Sam describes his first day at secondary school – remembers the new school uniform which was strictly enforced. Trying to find his way round different buildings. Getting lost. There was no work on the first day – introductions etc. Art BTEC in final year, Sam got a distinction star, he was the only one in his year to do so. There weren’t any music classes because there wasn’t enough interest.

[00:06:01] Sam sang and played the guitar in the Leaver’s Ceremony. He mentions that fights and bullying were commonplace.

[00:10:07] In Year 10 Sam had a fight with a boy who had been bullying him for four years. They were just back from the summer holidays and he had lost weight and grown taller. He had a broken lip, a broken nose, black eye and a tee-shirt covered in blood. He went to English to read Of Mice and Men and didn’t go to the school nurse.

[00:11:56] Sam describes the school uniform at Sir Henry Cooper.

[00:14:59] In Year 10 Sam came out of his shell and found lasting friends. He was motivated to do well in his GCSEs.

[00:17:09] Sam’s worst memory from school is from Year 7 when he was aged 11. A boy outside the gym picked a fight with him. They were surrounded by Year 11s who did nothing.

[00:19:00] Sam’s favourite memory was from Year 10 age 15. Sitting in the Year Area playing pool and his friend asked one of the popular girls out. They all watched the conversation get more and more awkward.

[00:20:58] Sam recalls playing rugby on the greens at school. Sam was quite heavy but not one of the tough boys. A tiny boy in the same year tried to grab onto him. Sam picked him up and threw him. At one point Sam had two boys hanging on his waist while he ran with the rugby ball.

[00:22:26] This year, after leaving school, he heard that one of his favourite teachers had died. They were all really sad. A group of Sam and his friends went with a sympathy card to Thomas Ferens Academy, which has replaced Sir Henry Cooper, to hand the card in at reception. Guess who came to the door? Only the supposedly deceased teacher. It was quite a shock, but a happy ending.

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