Janet Gill

Part 1: Janet had three older siblings who died in an air raid during the Second World War. This was never discussed in the family and she knows very little about it. Janet describes her earliest memories, children’s games, schooldays and father’s strictness. Her family live on 6th Avenue and the house had a large garden. Her father provided a lot of their food. Janet wished to train as a nurse but was disappointed when she wasn’t allowed to.

Part 2: Janet talks a lot about her father. He was very strict although she could contrive on occasions to do things without his knowledge. Her passion was music and dancing as a teenager / young woman – she was very innocent about drugs and sex. Janet discusses her first husband, Pete. Her father died before meeting him but she is sure he would have hated him.

Part 3: Janet talks about her son, born after they had registered for adoption. She stayed at home to look after him. Janet worked at Eagle Star, Westfield Country Club, a video shop and insurance office both in Sutton. She contrasts the more relaxed early days working in offices with the high pressure, target driven culture later. She worked in property management and then went on to the Yorkshire Building Society. She also worked at Maister Lodge Psychiatric Unit where she contracted Scabies. Janet became depressed when her husband left her although she had an excellent relationship with her ex mother-in-law and with her husband’s new wife. She met Keith on an internet dating website and he proposed while they were on a cruise to see the Northern Lights.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Media No: 1036
Interviewee Forename: Janet
Interviewee Surname: Gill nee Owens
Year of Birth 1950
Interviewer: Dan Dearing
Location: Greenwood Avenue Library
Date of Interview: 21/03/16 – Part 1, 24/06/16 – Part 2, 11/07/16 – Part 3
Duration (HH:MM:SS): 01:04:47 – Part 1, 01:52:51 – Part 2, 01:22:10 – Part 3