Capturing Clubland

Clubland2A film chronicling and celebrating Club Culture in the city of Hull over the years directed by Kerry Baldry and Mark Wigan, edited by Kerry Baldry and camera work by Phillip Rhodes.

Capturing Clubland explores identity and the importance of memory, social history and community in a city with a rich history of music scenes and nightclubbing.

The film features interviews with people from Hull who have attended a diverse range of clubs in the city from many musical genres and eras. Those interviewed talk about the venues they frequented, the dance styles, what they wore, their favourite music tracks ,memorable nights out and the diverse sub-cultural formations they associated with from mods to skinheads, hippies, northern soulies, punks, goths, new romantics to ravers and more.

Just some of the venues and nightclubs cited in the film include Penny Farthing Club, Discoteque, Gondola, Majestic, Brick House, Wellington Club, Malcolms, Henrys, Baileys, Skyline, Lexington Avenue, Oddessy, Romeo and Juliets, Trogg Bar, The Tower, Spiders, Silhouette, Waterfront, Room, Adelphi and the Blue Lamp.

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Part of Untold Hull, an oral history project that records the stories and experiences of the people of the city. Funded by the James Reckitt Library trust.