Assemble Fest 2017

17760122_1276333365795907_387146333797738127_n-1As part of Assemble Fest 2017 we collected memories and experiences from local people about the past and present of Newland Avenue, one of Hull’s most vibrant and colourful areas.

As well as general memories of growing up, work and family life we focused on some key themes that went on to inform artistic performances on the evening itself, things like the Whitsun carnival at the Sailors Orphan Homes, the old Monica Cinema (now The Piper Club), The Adelphi and current concerns about noise, litter and the changing nature of the avenue.

Highlights of these recordings were played out during the festival, below you can listen to a selection of some of the full length conversations. You can also download a copy of the programme from the evening here, which features quotes from the interviews as well as further insights into the history of the avenue.


Barbara & Peter


Friends Barbara Wilkinson and Peter Wilson tell us about growing up down Newland Avenue in the 40’s and 50’s, the games they would play and memories of favourite shops and places




Lydia Coyle owner of a cafe and cake shop on the avenue, tells us about growing up in the area during the 90’s and 00’s, founding her business and how she appreciates the nightlife on offer right on her doorstep




Cath Boury,  who owned a pharmacy on the avenue until very recently, tells us about her first impression on moving to the area, setting up a traders association and offers some thoughts on what makes the avenue unique




Carol Bell, a long time resident, shares some memories of how the avenue used to be as well as her current concerns about noise and litter



Adelphi Backdrop 4

Paul Jackson, owner of the legendary Adelphi Club on De Grey St, tells us in this short interrupted interview about the working mens club he took over, how he set about transforming it and what makes the place special



Pascal Dannerolle tells us about moving to the area as student around 20 years ago, what made him stay and his involvement with the Community Church and the Love Local campaign in 2009



Carole tells us about the changes she has seen down Newland Avenue over the years



Margaret Hersom tells us about growing up on the avenue and shares some memories of the Whitsun carnival and Monica cinema




Nick Goodman, owner of ‘Zebra’ gift shop, tells us how he has seen the avenue change in his 20 odd years of trading on the street